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Our Values

Fun, Honesty, Resilience, Leadership & Teamwork

Kids playing Padder Tennis NZ | PTiS | Padder Tennis New Zealand

Our coaching teaches the benefits of our core values both within the game and are transferable into everyday life. We want the kids to see that each of them can participate and enjoy getting active and involved, whatever their talent - whether it be umpiring, organising events, playing or most importantly turning up and having FUN!

Introducing Slam Dunk Sam |  Padder Tennis New Zealand


Introducing Slam Dunk Sam...

Slam Dunk Sam is known for his big smile, excellent volley prowess at the net, and absolute love for the game! Sam enjoys all sports and is also the basketball team captain, so jumping high for the jump shot is a skill he brings to the Padder Tennis court when volleying at the net. Most of all, Sam has FUN; if he loses or wins, he still looks like he is having FUN.


Introducing Just Jude...

Just Jude knows the rules of Padder Tennis like the back of her hand! Jude is always available to settle any disputes between players because she has a listening ear and weighs up both sides of the story. The players respect her and appreciate her for always being HONEST and for being available to explain the rules of the game. Jude calls the ball out clearly and uses her calming voice to call the score out so the players don't lose track of the score. When the summer school tournament runs, Jude manages a team of umpires ready to umpire the matches.

Introducing Just Jude |  Padder Tennis New Zealand
Introducing Try Hard Troy |  Padder Tennis New Zealand


Introducing Try Hard Troy...

Try Hard Troy is the first student to turn up before the bell rings before school. He has also been given access to the sports shed to set up the nets. Every day, he is practising against the wall and is always asking the other kids to play a game with him when they arrive at school. Troy tries so hard, and he is super RESILIENT. Despite losing most of his matches, Troy devises another way to come back to learn the lesson - be like Troy!


Introducing Marvelous Meg...

Year 8 student Meg is the only girl to beat all the boys at the mixed Year 8 intra-school tournament. Highly respected for her playing ability and LEADERSHIP, Meg organises the Padder Tennis pick-up games during break times, co-manages the end-of-term Padder Tennis tournament and also runs the Padder Tennis club weekly impact meetings held on Mondays during morning tea break. Be like Meg!

Introducing Marvelous Meg |  Padder Tennis New Zealand
Introducing Amazing Aroha |  Padder Tennis New Zealand


Introducing Amazing Aroha...

Year 8 student, Aroha brings solid tennis skills to the playground. With the best one-handed backhand serve at school, which she learned at her friend’s tennis club, Aroha is always seen helping the smaller kids improve their skills through Tuakana-Teina principles.

During doubles games, her communication skills with her partner are loud and clear! Aroha always calls “MINE!” and “YOURS!”, to establish good TEAMWORK strategies with her doubles partner. Be like Aroha!

Coach Kingi

An Inspiring Leader...

Coach Kingi is a school teacher, and in his free time, he is the Padder Tennis Coach. He keeps the programme on the right track and he makes sure that kids are engaged during break times and displaying ALL the core values that PTNZ teach. He is respected for his stoic coaching philosophy for all of his students to build a solid foundation of character and on-court skills. Coach Kingi is a true leader! And he has played against many top international stars! He played Padder Tennis back in the 70’s and his passion for FUN and HONESTY created a successful Padder Tennis coaching role through NZ schools. He played professional tennis and after his retirement wanted to work at grassroots teaching the kids in school about ALL the fundamentals of tennis.

An Inspiring Leader | Coach Kingi |  Padder Tennis New Zealand
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