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Be a Game Changer:
Support Padder Tennis New Zealand

Padder Tennis New Zealand is on a mission to inspire and empower the next generation of Kiwi champions. But we can't do it alone. We need you, parents, schools, companies, and our community, to rally behind this cause.

Why Your Support Matters

School Programmes | PTiS | Padder Tennis New Zealand

Empowering Tomorrow's Leaders

Padder Tennis instils essential life skills in our children – teamwork, resilience, and focus. By supporting us, you help shape the leaders of tomorrow.

School Programmes | PTiS | Padder Tennis New Zealand


Padder Tennis brings our community together. It fosters friendships, strengthens bonds, and creates a sense of belonging that goes beyond the court.

School Programmes | PTiS | Padder Tennis New Zealand


Your support ensures that Padder Tennis remains accessible to all. It levels the playing field, giving every child the opportunity to participate, regardless of their background.

School Programmes | PTiS | Padder Tennis New Zealand


We promote active, healthy living. Your support encourages kids to put down screens, pick up bats, and embrace an active lifestyle.

School Programmes | PTiS | Padder Tennis New Zealand


Padder Tennis hones skills that extend far beyond the game – skills they'll carry into their academic and professional lives.

Paul Grubi | Founder & CEO | PTiS | Padder Tennis New Zealand

Join the Movement

We're not just building players; we're building character. Your support, whether through donations, partnerships, or volunteering, fuels our mission to make Padder Tennis a beacon of growth and opportunity for our youth.


Together, we can inspire a new generation of confident, resilient, and motivated Kiwis. Together, we can create a brighter future for our community. Join us in making a difference today!

Donate & support our community

We invite you to be a part of our mission and support us in making a lasting impact on the lives of our aspiring athletes 

Why support us? 

🏆 Empowering Youth: Padder Tennis New Zealand is committed to nurturing the next generation of tennis players. Your donation will directly contribute to the growth and development of young talent, giving them a chance to shine and realize their dreams.

🌱 Healthy Living: We're not just building athletes; we're promoting healthier, more active lifestyles. Your support will help us encourage physical fitness, teamwork, and discipline in our schools and communities.

🔥 Ignite a Passion: Your contribution will help ignite the passion for Padder Tennis in kids all over New Zealand. You're helping us create a culture of dedication, excellence, and teamwork that will inspire countless individuals to chase their dreams.

Join us, and support the growth of Padder Tennis New Zealand Today!!

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Our Partners

We thank our partners and supporters for funding the drive to make Padder Tennis accessible to more schools and kids.

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PelorusTrust | Partner | Padder Tennis New Zealand
PCL | Partner | Padder Tennis New Zealand

Supported by

Sals Pizza | Partner | Padder Tennis New Zealand
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